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We don’t believe in diets, just in healthy eating.

Organic, wholesome, natural food is not from the past, but very much the future.

High temperatures associated with cooking, destroys enzymes and nutrients, essential to health.

A raw, vegan, plant-based diet is packed with energy-yielding nutrients ~ enzymes, protein, fibre, vitamins and is easy to digest.

Our intention is to consider the bigger picture in terms of environmental and human impact.

You're not just investing in yourself ~ you're investing in a better world for us all!

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Emanuelle creator of delicious organic raw sprouted bagels and mini bagel chips

Emanuelle Moss
Holistic Health Practitioner & Raw, Vegan Medicinal Chef

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Buns on a mission!

Organic, Raw, Vegan, sprouted bread bagels

Redefining Bread & Sweet Buns

Ready Raw blends nutrient dense plants to deliver wholesome, great tasting, nutritious snacks for everyday eating.


Raw & Dehydrated

We like to take things slow as we think this careful process is worth the effort.

 Our range is handmade and gently air-dried below 46°C /115°F not cooked or baked, to preserve and maximise nutrients.

Low Carb

Ready Raw reflects the diversity of plant-based foods.

We have replaced fast carbohydrates (such as wheat, rice, potato, grains, tapioca, corn) with low-glycemic fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds and seaweed promoting healthy blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation. 

Nature is power

Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes + Omega 3 fats, our breads are easy to digest and supports healthy gut function.

The high fibre content from the flax seeds and psyllium husks naturally aid detoxification.

Sustainability ~ Environmentally Responsible Packaging

*Our Green Policy.

We take our commitment seriously, we believe in protecting people, animals and our Planet.

Our packaging is cellulose based, 100% biodegradable, home compostable and marine degradable thereby reducing waste and improving sustainability.

Healthy products and green design for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.

Tastes so good, you forget it's also healthy!

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • Raw ~ Air-dried below 46°C (115°F) to preserve nutrients & enzymes.
  • Sprouted ~ Bio-transformed from a dormant seed to a living food. Releases enzymes inhibitors, breaks down starch, unlocks vital nutrients + Low GI (glycemic index).
  • Keto - Omega 3 fats ~ Anti-inflammatory, supports brain & cardiovascular health.
  • Plant Protein ~ Essential for muscle maintenance & healthy bones.
  • High fibre ~ Keeps you fuller for longer, curbs appetite, improves bowel function & gut health, contributes to good cholesterol & cardiovascular health + helps to control blood sugar levels.
  • Enzymes, Vits & MineralsNutritional powerhouse from sprouted seeds and seaweed. Rich in enzymes + easy to digest
  • 100% Organic & Natural Avoids processed foods, pesticides, artificial preservatives, additives & chemicals.

good for you & delicious 

Let's eat! 

Many ways to enjoy Ready Raw...

Handmade to order

Bursting with natural goodness with a variety of flavours and textures, they're the perfect snack for numerous occasions, whether it be breakfast time, pre or post-workout snacking or for random cravings.  Healthy and completely delicious.

They pack a protein punch with a huge 16g per pack, 22g of fibre with ONLY 10g of carbs - keeping you fuller for longer!

+ Rich in fibre, enzymes, protein Omega 3 fats, vitamins and minerals.

- Minus allergens = gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, nuts and preservatives.

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Why choose ready raw?

back to nature

Getting back to nature is like medicine for the body + soul and living sustainably sits at the heart of our brand, driving everything we do, from product development to packaging.

Ready Raw's range has been mindfully handcrafted to deliver to you nutritious and deliciously nourishing savoury and sweet breads to transform everyday eating into health optimising opportunities.  

Helping you to maintain and enhance a natural and sustained balance throughout your day.  

It's time to get excited about eating bread again

So, whether you're battling the crowds on that rush hour or powering through your day, our range of products will fuel your body naturally with every bite, delivering sustained energy when you need it most.  

With 16g protein with the all important slow energy release, satisfying hunger, on-the-go snacking.

By keeping our breads raw and gently air-dried below 46°C (115°F) not baked or cooked, we're able to maximise nutrients and digestibility for you and your family to enjoy.


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Sprouting Benefits

Grains are the seeds of a plant, they're its reproductive material, whose survival ensures the continuation of their species.

Seeds — such as nuts, edible seeds, beans/legumes, and grains —store phosphorus as phytic acid (phytate which is the essential energy source for the sprouting seed) and other anti-nutrients called lectins and saponins, which are a key mechanism through which plants protect themselves from being eaten by predators.

Phytic acid is isolated in the aleurone layer (where the protein is) the most concentrated sources tend to be whole grains and beans.

When consuming unsprouted grains, beans/legumes/seeds phytic acid can bind minerals in the gut and influence digestive enzymes, reducing the digestibility of starches, proteins, and fats.

When a seed sprouts, enzymes break down these phytates, dramatically reducing anti-nutrients and starch content and unlocks beneficial vitamins and mineral content, allowing for a greater absorption of nutrients and improving digestibility. 

Low temperature dehydration ensures that the vital enzymes and temperature sensitive vitamins and minerals stay intact.

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