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Dr Nyjon Eccles BSc MBBS MRCP PhD
Medical Director
The Natural Doctor, Harley Street

Emanuelle is one of the few truly enlightened nutritionists and raw food chefs. She has great clarity in her understanding of the connection between health and diet. She has taken a great deal of time, research and care to craft her new food line with people's health in mind. Her foods bring together important healthy food concepts comprising anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, high plant fibres, protein, minerals, and lignans. Furthermore, she has managed to do this whilst eliminating nuts, gluten, salt, sugar and fillers. Even with these seeming limitations she has been able to create food products that people are familiar with and recognise, but more importantly that are delicious and tasty and that people want to eat. She has re-defined the “hippie raw” to create more mainstream food delights that people will choose to eat not only because they are healthy but because they love and enjoy the taste.
As a doctor who specializes in nutritional, preventative and anti-ageing medicine, I can say that the weight of current research supports that plant-based diets confer many health prevention and better ageing benefits. Reaching age 65 means that you have an 88% chance of having at least one chronic health condition. Eating more plant-based raw foods is one of the most important lifestyle changes that can change this trend of age-related disease.  Her raw plant based vegan food (allergen & gluten free) is especially suitable for those suffering from inflammatory bowel problems (Crohn’s, Celiac), or people with allergies.
Emanuelles’ passion and dedication to this cause are unwavering and her Ready Raw food line certainly has my endorsement.

Naomie Harris
Social Media Feedback

Naomie Harris loves our delicious organic raw sprouted bagels

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I would like to say that I was lucky enough to try your bagel bites and OMG they are absolutely amazing and if I could live on them I would :-)
So thank you for making them!

- Karen

I have just discovered your products and I am beyond ecstatic! It is so great to have this kind of raw, sprouted products. I have been waiting for this for so long!
 - Nadege

I am utterly obsessed with your pain au chocolat!
- Catherine


Calgary Avansino
British Vogue - Contributing Editor

Calgary Avasino - British Vogue contributing editor also thinks our organic raw sprouted bagels are delicious

Our vegan and organic raw sprouted bagels and mini bagel chips were finalists in the World Food Inovation Awards 2017
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