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plant based- LivinG Foods

Made from a simple combination of natural, whole plant-based ingredients ~ free from animal products, resulting in an explosion of flavours, nutrients and fiber.

Kind to your body, animals and our planet.

3 Times a day, every day, we make a life changing decision.

Great health starts on your plate!


  • Aids Detoxification

  • Mental clarity & focus

  • Radiant skin

  • Supports liver function

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Promotes healthy gut function

  • Increased energy & stamina

  • Improves digestion & weight loss

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key benefits of sprouted bread

At Ready Raw we go above and beyond not only because of our sprouting process, but also in terms of taste, flavour and nutrition. Here’s why;

Ready Raw Bread is sprouted

Our seeds are germinated and full of life to bring you the very best nutrient dense, gluten-free and grain-free bread.

Increased Nutrition & Bio-Availability

The sprouting process breaks down phytic acid and lectins. The germination process releases enzymes that reduces carbohydrates and increases key nutrients, protein and vitamins.

Making the seeds easier on the digestive system and the nutrients easier for the body to assimilate, more readily digestible and especially beneficial for those with allergies & gluten sensitivities.

No Yeast - no flour - no soya - no gluten - no grains - no oil - no nuts - No Fillers

Our breads are unique in that there is nothing added to our breads other than sprouted seeds, (herbs, spices and dried fruits for our variety of flavours.)

 healthy Gut - our second brain

The gut and brain are connected via the vagus nerve. Similar to a rainforest, the bacteria in your gut form an interdependent ecosystem known as our ‘second brain’. This vast neural network comprises of some 100 million neurons (more than the spinal cord). Research suggests that your gut’s health strongly influences your mood and inflammatory factors.

“Prebiotic” foods contain intact plant cell walls, supporting a healthy gut ecosystem in which healthy bacteria can thrive enriching more nutrients reaching throughout the lower the gastrointestinal system, crucial for adequate vitamin levels in the human body.

Animal vs plant-proteins influence the gut microbiota in different ways displaying lower abundances of beneficial bacteria.

Whole plant foods have protective effects, promoting a diverse ecosystem of beneficial microbes favouring the growth of beneficial fiber-degrading bacteria in the colon vs modern western diets containing more ultra-processed foods, high animal protein and acellular nutrients (sugar/flour/alcohol) inducing inflammation, an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

Helps Maintain Stable Blood Sugar Levels

Traditionally breads made from refined flours into various products are notorious for spiking blood sugar. The body metabolises these grains very quickly, similarly to sugar, which can cause problems for diabetes or lead to inflammation issues.

However, since our breads are made from sprouted seeds, they act more similarly to vegetables in the body, and digest slowly which helps avoid the blood sugar spike.

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